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      1. ?Grain, the journal of eclectic writing, is a literary quarterly that publishes engaging, eclectic, and challenging writing and art by nadian and international writers and artists.


        “all a dream, just neural popweed”
        Grain Volume 49.3, Summer 2022

        Ali Bryan, Rex leval, Brian Clark, David Hammond, Doug Jacquier, Dave Margoshes, Krista May. Non-Fiction: Dhana Musil, Danee Wilson, Riku Ziebell. Poetry: Chris Banks, Courtney Bates-Hardy, Leah Bobet, Nicolas Bradley, Hilary Clark, Susan Glickman, therine Graham, Maureen Scott Harris, Robert Hilles, Harold Hoefle, Frank Klaassen, kerry rawlinson, Sadie Mcrney, Anna Swanson, Elina Taillon, James Warner, Bob Weber.

        Cover Image: Abigail, from Appearances series, 2020. Digital inkjet print mounted to ACP panel. Artist for issue: Barbara Cole

        tải bắn cá ăn xu miễn phí